About us

BathroomStallPartitions.com provides high quality washroom products at the lowest possible price. Some of our best selling products are avatory faucets, hand dryers, automatic flush valves, waterless urinals, toilet partitions, bathroom accessories and baby changing stations. If you are looking for an item that isn’t on our site, please call us and we may be able to get it for you.

Our Products

BathroomStallPartitions.com gives you the lowest possible price on the best built bathroom products. Each member of our customer service representatives are well trained to ensure maximum knowledge on all our products. When you give us a call you can be sure that you will get all your answers.

Please notice that all our environment-friendly items are marked with the little leaf sign. Items such as waterless urinals, save water, electricity and reduce waste.

For any suggestions for other products suitable to our criteria please call us.

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